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[30 Dec 2006|04:20am]
umm so its been a couple months. I randomly remembered this thing. college is the most amazing experience of my life. I have 3 room mates and they are basically my best friends. I love them to death.. theyre all coming to new york in january and staying with me for a few days. I cant believe 1st semester is over. It went by so fast. I love coming home though, being with my family and friends.. its refreshing, but i cant wait to go back to boston.

Holidays were wonderful. life is amazing right now. Whether im in NY or boston im surrounded by the most incredible people who i trust with my life and would do anything for. I cant believe this year is over already. It was a ridiculous year.. in the best way possible. Here's to 2007..

I hope everyone had a great year and best of wishes for the next :)
Hope they'll never touch the ground

[19 Jul 2006|11:55pm]
wow... its been forever. I got really bad with this.

umm I'm done with high school... going to BU next year :) already went to orientation.. it was incredible im in love with my school and its such a perfect fit for me. I passe dout of spanish, and got credits for AP US AP LIT and basically passed entirely out of calc meaning I'll never have to take a math class again in life! met my roomies.. im in a quad! so I have 3 room mates. But i think I lucked out hardcore cuz they are all adorable and i love them and we call/text/IM like we've known eachother forever.

oh I had prom..I was nominated for prom queen.. kinda fun. Then I went to wildwood for the weekend with my best friends.

ended track.. one of teh hardest things I'll ever have to say goodbye to. those girls & tom were my family. But I am running a half marathon with my coach the week before I leave for school.

summer started off kinda rocky.. bad place. But it picked up a little. I could never put into words what my best friends mean to me. They are my sisters. They get me through anything/everything.

I didn't do cstf this summer. It was such a hard decision.. but in the end i think it was right. Between camp and then rehearsals I kill myself.. and I would never be ready for college. I need time to say goodbye.

This has been teh most amazing couple months of my life. Second semester of senior year is everything you'd think and more. I'm so not ready to leave. I love everyone so much. Anyone reading this it means we are somewhat good friends and please contact me and see me before I leave.

I'll try to update more frequently.. promise
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[21 Mar 2006|07:12pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Dear senior year,
Slow Down

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whooaa senior year [18 Feb 2006|12:11pm]
[ mood | calm ]

wow so it's been a really long time. I got a sudden urge to update.

I don't evne know where to being. Senior year? over half way there? craziest thing I've ever heard of. This year, in a word, has been amazing. it really has. Its the most random, indescribable nights i could have asked for lol.

Not even so much 1st semester.. but just in the last couple weeks everything changed. I have never been as close to a group of people as I am with my best friends in the entire world. the 7 of us are inseperable. I trust them with my life. ugh I'm not even conveying how i feel towards them but i love them so much.

yesterday i was a real senior! I left after 5th period with lindsay and kristyn and we got lunch in new jersey haha We were talking about leaving and how its gonna be. I got really upset. I can't even imagine. I saw a poster up at school for graduation. June 19th... alot closer then i think...

Winter track just ended. I really enjoyed this season. And i have absolutely no idea why. I had a really good season too. Pb's all around. I ran a 5:18 1500 at the armory last wed. :) which i was extremely happy about. lappi aske dif i wanted to go on to state quals but then found out we'd have to get some whole waiver thing to sign and idk tom and i just arent going. its okie though. I was happy with the way i left things. I realized something from the season. I genuienly liek running. Like after all this seasons flying past wishing they would end... i finally realized how much i enjoy it. I've been working so hard this season. I work out everyday.. even on days off i run. I am going to keep up with it going into spring too.. to make ti best best season of my high school career and go out on top.

Im obsesssed with my team. they keep me sane and if not for them I would have already quit 11 seasons ago. Tom is like.. everything lol i truly truly believe i would have killed myself of paranoia if not for him :) thank for everything. Spring? okie let's do it

wooo whole week off :) nothing to do.. I'm excited

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[13 Dec 2005|08:07pm]
This is me mad at the world

*see tom i DO update
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You can never go back to yesterday [04 Nov 2005|10:35pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

As Thomas so forcefully suggested I decided to post.

THis week has been the best and worst? First off I sang the national anthem for social studies honors society.. cuz mr. reina so thoughtfully reccomended me for.. ps umm his mom = the nurse! prob the funniest thing of my life.

Thursday was my last XC meet. We left during 5th period. Only the girls were on the bus. We curled ribbons adn put them in our hair.. only for our very last meet do we ever show school pride haha.

We took a million pictures. Everything was a "last". The last warm- up.. the last routine bathroom trip.. the last yellow bag for our clothes at the line.. the last stride outs.. the last hill.. the last race. the race itself was ok. I pushed the hill like i never had before. The I came around the turn around by the building and just looked up at the finish. I can't even describe that feeling. Approaching the finish line for the last time in my life?

No one in the world can imagine how this made me feel. This has been my LIFE in high school. When I think back on my years in high school.. these meets and my XC girls are what I will remember. And in a short 20 min race it was all gone.

I wish I could leave and say "thank God that's over" like all my other friends said about their last seasons. but I absolutely loved my team. uh you have no idea. After my freshman year.. that amazing team who became my sisters.. I doubted if I would ever enjoy another XC season. This was my favorite season by far. These girls made it 1419873135x harder for me to let go.. which i hate the for .. and love them with my life.

When I was having a bad day.. I looked forward to practice. I let out my stress whiel running.. and had the mosst incredible listeners for team mates. No problem was ridiculous or too big for them. They have always supported me 110% of the time.

Who else: stops to pick apples straight off trees on 7 mile runs?, Tootsie rolls at 7 in the morning in teh middle of the woods?, stops off at raquels on runs to go in her kitchen and eat cookies .. and obv take the short way home?, can have the best time running 20 - 200s?, make passing out the funny story of the season?, stops by the beach at meets?, pets lauras stomach when shes eaten enough for 2?, sneaks in teh other girls room at the hotel at 12 at night to end up discussing politics and beliefs?, and race walk across the parking lot?

the answer is no one else in the world

We finished the race.. the cool down was prob the worst part. We climbed up a huge rock? haha ohh and ripped off flags from the chute for keeps- sake. we did cartwheels... just because "were north.. we can't embarass ourselves more"

We did lots more, then went home on teh south bus.. were we obv did the cha- cha slide. Then we all met at the mall for shiels present. Which ended up being a whole process.. and we prob are never allowed in build -a bear anymore.

Then today we had one last practice.. We ended up not even running haha We signed our flags and handed in uniforms and such. Then we all met at the mall for dinner. This was prob the best night of my year. We took a million pictures.. and obv ate incredible amounts. Shiel gave each senior a card and a little saying that u can hang up. I can't imagine saying good bye to her. She retiring from coaching after this year. We were her last seniors. She was the sweetest coach I could ever ask for. From welcoming basically to hihg school as a mere freshman to helping em get into college writing my letter of reccomendation.. I can't even believe it.

and no more thomas? my favorite xc boy ever ever ever. we became basically one person this season. We have ridiculous amounts fo jokes..too many to name. But obv we know them and that's enough for us.He can make me laugh just about any place/time. and he loves rikkir.. it says so on his hand.. and will forever say that haha ("We are far too godo for most people")

Then some of us walked around shopping and such. "I saw pictures of crack babies.. and they def have similar features"
"Yea we'll hang out with them in the dark..." "but not too dark.. or they will rape us"
"ohh lisa remember when we didn't like you?" "I thought you were teasing em all that time?" ::awkward pause::
Spencer:"yea Id on't like my team.. and they don't like me. It's a mutual agreement".. "did he just call us sexy?

ohh boy.. I love them far too much. I was ok with teh crying.. until Marie started to cry. She was the quietest girl on the team. Very shy and polite. She started to break out fo her shell towards the end of this season. She's soo sweet and she became close with teh seniors. We were saying goodbye and I looked over, and noticed she looked red and was kinda hiding her face. I went over to hug her and she just began crying. Idk why but that's when it began to hit me. Then lisa started crying alot. I've never seen that girl be serious about anything in her life.

Ok I could go on forever. I don't really expect anyone to read it, but yea just understand how hard this is for me to leave. Out of all my "lasts" this year.. this is will be the hardest.

Oh senior year :(

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